食いわずらいのマムを止めるべくケーキの完成を急ぐサンジ達。一方、不敗の将星カタクリと死闘を演じるルフィに活路はあるのか!? 極限バトルに決着の時が訪れる!! “ひとつ...

Title:ONE PIECE 89
Edition Language:Japanese
Format Type:

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    ONE PIECE 89 Reviews

  • Keely

    Finally! After almost 3 years of reading One Piece, I have finally caught up to the current chapter!...

  • Paloma orejuda (Pevima)

    Y por fin... ya casi me pongo al día jajajajNo estoy muy feliz con el resultado de la batalla, la escusa del honor está muy vista. Aun así ha estado bien. Parece que va siendo hora de despedirse de...

  • Hannah Belyea

    As Luffy continues his epic battle against Katakuri, both pirates going all out with some of their most powerful abilities, Nami, Sanji and the gang do all they can to survive Big Mom and give her the...

  • Timothy Pitkin

    Great conclusion to the Luffy Katakuri fight and also nice to see Jinbei and Luffy together. Also nice to see everyone help the Straw Hats from Jinbei's allies, the Germa 66, and even Pudding helping ...

  • Martina Fuchs

    I was a bit behind on this manga and yesterday I went on a reading spree.EVERYTHING! EVERY SINGLE THING THAT IT'S HAPPENING. OH MY GOD!ALL THE CHARACTERS! I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED.-I SWEAR IF THAT IF A...

  • Amy

    I wish Katakuri will join the Strawhats, but due to his loyalty towards Mama, it's impossible. I can't wait to see more of Zoro and more interactions between the Strawhats. They were separated for alm...

  • Marie Kos

    Katakuri was awesome and the fight didn't overstay its welcome. Adorable bro moments with Luffy and Sanji, so cute. :)...

  • Pallab

    Katakuri vs Luffy is probably the best fight in the series. On to Reverie next. ...

  • Hamad

    Katakuri is the GOAT ...

  • Gyuwon Kim

    The kataguri’s past was well drawn and the thing between Germa 66 and Sanji is also good story....