The Night of the Swarm

The Night of the Swarm

The mighty centuries old ship, Chathrand, is long gone...

At the centre of an infernal forest there is clearing. Above it looms a seven hundred foot tall fragment of a vast tower. At its base, a group of friends. Exhausted, terrified. They stand around the body of a sorcerer, Arunis. In his wizened hand lies the Nilstone.

The Nilstone. An ancient artifact that has unleashed the Night of the Swarm; an ever growing cloud of darkness that is, even now, racing across the world of Alifros, threatening annihilation to all.

The only thing that can banish the Swarm is to take the Nilstone out of this world. But to do this the friends, Pazel, Thasha, Neeps and the mage Ramachni, must make a perilous voyage down the River of Shadows to where it leaves the world. Only there, far from any hope of rescue, can the Nilstone be cast away.

But the Sorceress Macadra is hunting for the Nilstone as well. This is not the end...


Title:The Night of the Swarm
Edition Language:English
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About Robert V.S. Redick

Robert V.S. Redick is in his thirties and works as the editor for the Spanish and French websites of Oxfam America and as an instructor in the International Development and Social Change program at Clark University. Born and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia, he lives in rural western Massachusetts. While his unpublished novel Conquistadors was a finalist for the 2002 AWP/Thomas Dunne Novel Awar

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    The Night of the Swarm Reviews

  • Algernon

    The Imperial Great Ship Chathrand, also known as the Wind-Palace, carrying more than 800 souls under the command of Captain Nilus Rose, has finally reached the end of its travels across the turbulent...

  • Jason

    5 StarsThe overall series warrants 5 stars as well.This was an amazing adventure and wonderful series. Non-stop action, epic adventure, and wonders and mystery to discover are all here waiting for you...

  • Liviu

    read some 100+ pages and on the one hand the book moves well and I enjoy reading about Pazel, Tasha and the rest, but on the other the whole "doom time and we are the saviors' subject makes taking it ...

  • Beth

    The Nilstone has released the Night of the Swarm. This cloud of darkness will destroy the world of Alifros. The only hope for survival is removing the Nilstone from Alifros. To do this, the friends mu...

  • Dks

    The Night of the Swarm, as a book alone, deserves 5 stars. The Chathrand Quartet deserves 5+ stars and warrants any fan of fantasy fiction to read, absorb and radiate in awe to the talent of author Ro...

  • Rbette1299

    Fantastic ending to a great fantasy story. Scary as hell monsters, surprise deaths, strange ending. I read the epilogue several times because my first take on it was dissatisfaction but it was somewha...

  • Kaila

    WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED. I mean, it ended, I can't deny that. But what the hell, man.Things to say, I'll come back tomorrow.--------------------I have a lot of emotions about this right now.On the...

  • David

    The tetralogy is concluded and we lay to rest Pazel and Thasha, Neeps and Mirila, Hercol and Neda and dozens of other well developed characters. Some we set aside, this story has concluded but their l...

  • Raymond Just

    I love Mr. Redick's writing, and I have loved the inventiveness and depth and vibrance of the world of Alifros over the course of the Cathrand Voyage Quartet. But I would be lying if I said I enjoyed ...

  • Nathan Washor

    Update:OUTSTANDING! A review is forthcoming!Not a review (yet - I will write one after I read it) but I had to share some sad news...I’m ticked. I just found out that Victor Gollancz Publishing (@go...